The Ljubljana Alternative Tours project is run by street-conscious experts with academic background.

It all began as a social project based on a street-walk presentation of graffiti and street art for our friends and colleagues. Soon, our love for street creativity combined with our passion for city walks inspired us to get more organised. We morphed the sporadic graffiti walks into a regular daily tour aimed at everybody who was interested. We named the experience the Ljubljana Graffiti Tour.
That was in 2015.

The Ljubljana Graffiti Tour inspired many to help us or even join us on our journey. So in the winter of 2016/2017 we have decided that we might possess enough knowledge and courage to expand a bit. And to organise ourselves some more. So we did. We have since introduced additional tours and brought new guides on board, developing steadily our professional expertise.

In short, the Ljubljana Alternative Tours project is immersed in the local community, trying both to promote its creative traits through city walks and to inspect its social aspects through academic research.

We deal with Ljubljana that’s real. And so should you.
Go streetwise with us.


guide, frontwoman


guide, airwave surfer


workshop maestro


guide, theatre director


guide, film critic


guide, artist


guide, feminist vagabond


workshop wizard, photographer